Adopt a Refugee Family

This program enables those within the United States who want to get involved in refugee relief by being personally matched with a refugee family in Greece.After being matched, the family in the United States will be put in contact with the refugee family. This form of communication helps support the refugees as this communication provides them with social structure, relief, hope, and confidence for the future


Why Support the Adopt a Refugee Family?

This communication is a form of psychological support that allows the refugees to talk and get to know an American family that desires to help refugees to the best of their ability. The communication between the two families helps the refugees feel like they are a part of an international community and validates them as their story gets to be heard. Adopting a refugee family facilitates the rebuilding of social connections and interactions.
If you are interested in symbolically adopting a refugee family, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Upon completion of the form, you will be contacted by an Embrace Relief representative who will provide information on the family you will be symbolically adopting. You will be expected to make a monthly donation of $500 directly to the family or to Embrace Relief who will transfer the funds to the family