Raise The Children

Raise the Children is more than an update – it is an upgrade. You will have the opportunity to help all vulnerable children instead of just one orphan, without any cost differences. This positive change will ensure that no child is feeling left behind or forgotten and will increase efficiency, productivity, and inclusion of the program, Embrace Relief, our donors, and our partners. Donations will be distributed to obtain school supplies, food, clothing, and all the needs of the orphanage and vulnerable children.

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The Benefits of Supporting Raise the Children

103 million youth worldwide lack basic literacy skills, and more than 60 percent of them are women

There is no obligation to choose a singular project.

Donors are able to help all children in need, not just one.

The Evolution Of “Raise The Orphans”

Although Embrace Relief and our donors have made a difference in lives around the world through the “Raise An Orphan” program, which allows for a donor to “adopt” an orphan for an entire year providing them food, medical care, and education, we knew we could make it even better! Upon the realization that Raise An Orphan has untapped potential, Embrace Relief recognized that it would be more efficient and inclusive to expand the program to include all children in the orphanages.

Donate for Children Today!
United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

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