COVID-19 Emergency Response & Rehabilitation Program

The coronavirus pandemic has collapsed the entire framework and structure of every nation and has brought a downward trend at every parameter of the world economy. Every nation is facing tragic conditions in terms of unemployment cases and lack of vital resources such as food and medication.  Due to the lock-down at all service areas and production zones, billions of people are now jobless around the world. In this context, the people of developing countries already suffer and must live with day to day earnings that do not ensure their basic necessities are met. The livability of the general public has declined dramatically due to this impulsive virus.  In this point of view, the Youth Foundation of Bangladesh has started several initiatives since the beginning of this crisis. For example; we have initiated awareness and capacity building against the spread of coronavirus, offline (in School, College, University) and online awareness campaigns, country preparedness and response programs, free food and aid distribution, and other relevant activities. Furthermore, we have distributed food to 700 students during the lock-down crisis.  The steps we take toward the future are very critical due to its effecting by mathematical terms. School students are going to suffer from food insecurity and mental stress. We are scaling large support to provide them relief and, therefore, requesting you all please donate for school going children.