Educating the Children of The Galaxie Foundation Orphanage

At the moment, public education in The Democratic Republic of the Congo in Africa is suffering from an overabundance of students and the government’s inability to pay teachers adequately. This results in teachers being unable to effectively teach all of their students, many of whom aren’t even able to find a desk or chair to sit at during class. The COVID-19 pandemic is only exacerbating the situation, too, since so many children are packed so close together. On the other hand, private institutions provide an adequate number of teachers, allowing them to continually follow up with each student individually. They also provide special courses for weak or struggling students. Therefore, it’s absolutely essential the vulnerable children at the Galaxie Foundation Orphanage receive private schooling, as it’s the only way they’ll be able to move on to higher education and, subsequently, have better opportunities and jobs. Without investing in these children’s education, they’ll be unable to pave brighter, more prosperous futures for both themselves and their communities.

Please Donate Today

We already provide all these children food, water, shelter, health insurance, funds for their orphanages’ bills, among other things they would otherwise not have access to on a regular basis. However, we are asking you to please consider donating today to help fund these underprivileged children’s education so they can both achieve their dreams and help abolish the extreme poverty in the region as well. The cost of this education is $1,000 per child per year, so any bit you can give—no matter the size—would greatly contribute toward us reaching this momentous goal. Plus, it’s up to you how many children you’d like to support and you can either make a one-time or monthly payment, the latter costing $85 per child. Please consider donating today to put a smile on an underprivileged child’s face and a future in the palm of their hand.