• Find out when Eid al-Adha will occur in 2023.
  • Eid al-Adha is a worldwide holiday about faith, sacrifice, and compassion for all.
  • Make an impact in the lives of people less fortunate in Africa and Yemen by donating Qurbani with Embrace Relief.

Eid al-Adha 2023 will be observed in the United States after sundown on Wednesday, June 28. Celebrated by Muslims worldwide, Eid al-Adha (meaning “Festival of Sacrifice”) signifies the importance of faith, humility, and compassion towards others. It is a time of reflection and gratitude, emphasizing the values of charity, community and unity.

Eid celebrations vary from country to country, and can include communal prayers, family gatherings, great feasts, and music and dance, depending on where you go. But the most important Eid tradition is unquestionably the sharing of one’s food.

Qurbani, the traditional sacrifice of an animal that occurs each Eid al-Adha, emphasizes selflessness and empathy towards those in need. Donating Qurbani to an organization like Embrace Relief is a way that you can make a significant impact in the lives of people all around the world struggling with hunger.

Embrace Relief’s International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2023 campaign will reach tens of thousands of people in more than a dozen countries around the world, with an emphasis on impoverished communities in Africa and Yemen. Millions of individuals in these parts of the world face the daily challenge of hunger and malnutrition. By donating your Qurbani through Embrace Relief, you contribute to alleviating this crisis.

The protein-rich meat serves as a valuable source of nutrition, helping combat malnutrition and supporting the growth and development of children. Your donation can make a tangible difference in the lives of those who struggle to access adequate food, providing them with a nourishing meal during the time of Eid.

Moreover, your Qurbani donation can uplift spirits and instill a sense of dignity among the recipients. For many individuals and families living in poverty, meat is a luxury they seldom have the opportunity to enjoy. By offering this gift, you bring joy and happiness to their lives.

Africa Qurbani

How you can give Qurbani to Africa and Yemen

With Eid al-Adha 2023 nearly upon us, now is the time to consider how you can best help those in need. Giving your Qurbani through Embrace Relief is an opportunity to make your gift travel around the world.

Embrace Relief works closely with partner organizations in each of the countries where your Qurbani donation could go, including Yemen, Tanzania, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Mali, and Nigeria. This is how we ensure that all Qurbani animals are treated humanely and properly, and how you can be sure that your Qurbani donation will end up in the hands of people who truly need it.

Give today by using the donation form below and ensure that families in some of the world’s most vulnerable communities will be able to have the nutritious meet they need for weeks and months to come.

Give Qurbani With Embrace Relief

In 2023, Qurbani will occur on June 29-30. During this time, sheep, goats, and cattle are humanely and hygienically sacrificed in adherence with common dietary restrictions. At this important time of year, join Embrace Relief and provide food for people in need in Africa (including the countries of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Mali, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and Democratic Republic of Congo), as well as Yemen, Greece, and the United States, by donating to Embrace Relief’s International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2023 campaign.