Emergency Housing for Refugees Fundraiser

Winter has arrived once again. It’s the time of year when the winds are high, the air is cold, and the sun sets early. Winter is so much more than this though. It is a time to spend with loved ones, give thanks, and show appreciation for one another Unfortunately, refugees in Greece do not get to experience this loving side of winter, because most of the families have been separated from one another and even more do not have a place to call home. These refugees are often forced to brave the winter in refugee camps. These camps are crowded and under-resourced leaving many to struggle during these cold months. Because of this, Embrace Relief has organized safe and secure emergency housing for refugees who do not have a place to stay. Furthermore, refugees will also have access to food, psychological counseling, and legal assistance. This is the time of year to show support and love for your global family. Refugees are already plagued by stress and fear, the winter will only bring more hardships to their daily lives. Refugees in Greece need assistance and help to learn a completely new way of life in order to not just survive but to also thrive Due to the gracious donors and volunteers, Embrace Relief is able to provide this emergency housing, food, healthcare, financial, psychological, and legal support to those who need it most.