Providing Pathways to Opportunity

GradPlus is an academic support program designed to help at-risk students complete high school and successfully transition to college or vocational training.

We work with educators to identify and qualify students who will benefit from additional academic resources, guidance and encouragement. We also provide information and access to financial resources that can help fund dreams and new educational opportunities.

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GradPlus provides qualified students with:

Academic support and tutoring

Socio-emotional support


Career and college guidance

Visibility on certification programs

Access to funding for higher education

GradPlus is critical for students who are uncertain about their future.

Low high-school graduation rates and rising educational and economic challenges have left an overwhelming number of students questioning what to do after high school—if they are able to finish at all. GradPlus provides a pathway for students to prepare for a better future, giving them the tools to earn a livable wage.

Research Papers

Educational Theory Supporting the GradPlus Pilot Project

Brief Summary

High school students living in low-income areas often struggle to graduate and pursue a post-secondary education due to a lack of educational resources.  Embrace Relief recognizes the importance of a quality education as higher education leads to more opportunities throughout life. This paper examines how Embrace Relief’s GradPlus program uses educational theory to help improve educational outcomes by providing essential resources including mentorships, tutoring, and post-secondary education preparation.

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Needs Analysis for Education in Passaic County


Brief Summary

Within Passaic County, New Jersey, many students struggle to graduate high school and further their education. Embrace Relief acknowledges these alarmingly low graduation rates throughout Passaic County and emphasizes the importance of supporting students to complete their schooling. This paper presents a needs analysis for Passaic county education system which reveals a significant need for additional assistance for the region’s students. Therefore, Embrace Relief’s GradPlus program, which gives students access to tutoring, mentoring, internships, scholarships, and skills workshops that help increase graduation rates is detailed.

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The Importance of Vocational Training in the United States

Brief Summary

Within the United States, higher levels of education equates to less crime.  Embrace Relief has noticed this trend and emphasizes the importance of quality education throughout the world.  This paper presents Embrace Relief’s GradPlus program within the United States that assists students in graduating high school and furthering their education.

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The right skill set helps prepare students for success.

Students are provided the necessary tools so they can excel in all areas of development, increasing their self esteem and potential for success.

Tutoring and Academic Support

Certified teachers in Language Arts and Math provide tutoring, instructional feedback and academic strategies to students twice per week at the Passaic County One Stop Career Center.

Mentoring and Guidance

Students meet regularly with mentors to define and set personal, educational, and professional goals, develop critical organization and communication skills and increase their awareness of career, community, and professional opportunities. Mentors also review graduation requirements and provide assistance with federal student aid applications, scholarships, and grants.

Students’ strengths, skills and job readiness factors are also evaluated. Mentors offer direction on internship and apprenticeship opportunities, and provide assistance with job application procedures.


Individual student needs are closely evaluated upon acceptance into the program. Group counseling provides students with a forum to connect and share their experiences. Leadership development activities help students explore, reflect, and challenge themselves.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 4

Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning