Providing Cataract Help and Healthcare

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Millions suffer from cataracts, yet never see a doctor due to extreme poverty. ​

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Mali Medical Centers

Healthcare is a basic human right. Check out the three medical centers we support in Bamako, Mali.

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Access to healthcare provides early detection, prevention, and intervention.

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Afghanistan Health Projects

Give access to health services for women and children in Afghanistan.

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Statistics Of The Problems

Health Moves Humanity Forward

At the core of every successful society is equitable access to healthcare and medical services. Better health means stronger communities, growing markets, and developing economies.

When faced with the opportunity to look away or look ahead, Embrace Relief takes challenges and turns them into plans. We have seen firsthand that access to healthcare services helps communities break the cycle of extreme poverty which is why we are working towards accessible healthcare worldwide.

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Mali Health Initiative

  • Cataract
  • Health Checkups
  • Medical Centers

Afghanistan Health Initiative

  • Medical Clinic
  • Women/Children Health