• Providing opportunities for women to become entrepreneurs is an important way to promote women’s empowerment around the world.
  • When women own their own businesses, the effect on society is profound: more women becoming financially independent means more women with a voice in how power is distributed and how society is run.
  • Learn more about how you can help Embrace Relief promote women’s entrepreneurship in Kenya through our new Sewing Machine Program, which provides sewing machines to graduates of a tailoring training course.

In May 2023, a group of 13 women in Githurai, Kenya, celebrated their successful completion of a tailoring training course. This training would give these women the chance to open their own small clothing businesses, increasing their income and giving them a greater opportunity to take care of themselves and their families. But any start-up small business needs an initial investment before it can begin producing its product. To make and sell clothes, you need a sewing machine. And a sewing machine is a big investment in a country where 1 in 6 women live below the poverty line.

That’s where Embrace Relief entered the picture. Our commitment to empowering women around the world led us to partner with the community center operating the training course. As part of this partnership, and with the help of our donors, we provided brand-new, high-quality sewing machines to each of the 13 graduates. Starting a new business is always a difficult, uncertain process. But thanks to Embrace Relief’s donors, these women have one less obstacle to overcome.

When women are equipped with the resources and opportunities to become entrepreneurs, the impact is profound on both individual and societal levels.

  • Economic independence and financial freedom. By starting their own businesses, women can break free from traditional gender roles and gain control over their own financial destiny. This newfound autonomy boosts their confidence, self-esteem, and overall well-being, creating a positive ripple effect in their personal and professional lives.
  • Leadership. Women who run their own business also have the opportunity to be part of wider decision-making processes, both in business and society. By taking charge of their businesses, women develop leadership skills, network with diverse stakeholders, and contribute to economic growth and job creation. This participation leads to a more equitable distribution of power, where women’s voices and perspectives are valued and taken into account.
  • Addressing inequality. Providing women with the tools to open their businesses can contribute to addressing gender disparities in various industries. Historically, women have faced systemic barriers in accessing resources, capital, and business support. When these hurdles are overcome through targeted initiatives and programs, women can excel in sectors which have been traditionally male-dominated.
  • Role models. The success stories of entrepreneurial women demonstrate that gender is not a barrier to achieving one’s ambitions and aspirations. As more women venture into the business world, the prevailing narrative surrounding women’s capabilities and potential begins to shift, fostering a more inclusive and empowering culture for all.

Empowering women through entrepreneurship is a powerful catalyst for positive change. By equipping them with the necessary tools and support wherever we can, women can break free from societal constraints, create successful businesses, and lead the way for a more equitable and inclusive future. This journey towards women’s empowerment not only benefits individuals but also fosters a more prosperous and equitable society as a whole.

Qurbani with Embrace Relief

Help Embrace Relief Empower Women in Kenya

This is why Embrace Relief is committed to empowering women wherever we can. Our programs seek to provide the education, training, and resources to encourage women to be independent, professional, and successful.

Our newest women’s empowerment program is to help many more women, just like the 13 graduates in Githurai, Kenya. Our Sewing Machine Program will provide aspiring female tailors with the machine they will need to open their own clothes-making business. Sewing machines are expensive investments in a country where 1 in 6 women lives below the poverty line. By providing a sewing machine to a woman after she graduates from her training class, we allow her to pursue her creativity and business sense without restriction.

And with just a few clicks, you can make a huge impact in the life of a budding female entrepreneur in Kenya. For a donation of just $110, you can cover the full costs of training and a sewing machine for one woman.

Qurbani with Embrace Relief

That $110 represents a lifetime of opportunity for a talented woman in need. So donate today and make an investment in women, and help us take one small step towards a more prosperous, more equal world.