• Why does hunger exist and why is it so widespread around the world?
  • Estimates of the cost to end world hunger show a high price tag – but one that could be more than made up by the productivity and happiness we would unlock by ensuring that no one goes hungry.
  • Read on to learn how you can support Embrace Relief’s efforts to help hungry people around the world through our International Hunger Relief campaigns.

We have the solutions to the world hunger crisis. Humans produce more than enough food to feed every single person on Earth. Yet the UN World Food Programme estimates that more than 700 million people worldwide live with hunger, and nearly one-fifth of the world’s 200+ countries are at risk for famine.

There are many reasons why hunger continues to persist. They include ongoing events: conflict is a main driver, with more than 60 percent of people affected by hunger living in active conflict zones, while climate change and natural disasters account for a number of acute hunger crises. And there are structural reasons that require action from everyone in society, like poverty and inequality.

The bottom line is that an adequate supply of food is a human right, and we must do all we can to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry, no matter what the cost.

And in fact, the cost might be less than you think.

A study produced in Germany suggests that the cost of ending world hunger within the next 10 years amounts to about $330 billion – $33 billion per year, spread between all the world’s countries. That money, the study says, would go towards increased social aid for poorer people, technological investments to improve agricultural production, and education in training.

While $330 billion may sound like a lot, the cost of not spending money to end world hunger is much steeper: human suffering, increased conflict, and political and economic instability lasting generations.

We can stop world hunger if we choose to. But while the world figures out long-term solutions, there are still people who need our help right now.

At Embrace Relief, we’ve made it part of our mission to provide food to people in need. Our work spans the globe, and takes place throughout the calendar year. During our two monthlong International Hunger Relief Campaigns in 2023 alone, Embrace Relief delivered food packages, hot meals, and meat packages to more than 150,000 people! Our work aided hungry people in more than 20 countries on five continents – from sub-Saharan Africa and Yemen, to Afghanistan and Indonesia, from Greece to the United States.

Easing hunger is a team effort, and we can’t do any of this without you. Donate to Embrace Relief’s Hunger Relief efforts in the box below and you can be part of the solution for the many millions of people living with hunger around the world. Your donation will support food distributions in one of the many countries we serve – and every dollar you donate makes a difference.

So please, donate today. Every contribution you make helps one more family go to bed on a full stomach, and brings us one small step closer to ending world hunger.

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