Hello this is my cataract project named InSight!

I am a high school student from Irvine, California. I recently heard about the problem of cataract in Africa. I learned that many people in Africa face cataracts, which initially begin small, but over time result in complete blindness in the eye. Although a huge number of people are in need of getting a cataract surgery, they don’t have the financial support to do so. Learning about the issue, this platform gave me a huge opportunity to help contribute and give a new perspective to hundreds of people.

There are 600,000 Africans who experience blindness each year due to cataracts. Yet, of the entire African population, only about 0.0005% get cataract surgery.
We plan to fundraise $1,000, which will provide 10 cataract surgeries and 100 health checkups to people in need in Mali. Cataract surgeries only take 1 hour, but in that one hour the life of a person changes. In Mali, the cost of operation for one cataract surgery is about $130 USD per eye. The problem is, the average household income is less than $3 dollars per day and as such most patients who are in need of a treatment aren’t able to even get the most standard level of medical treatment necessary.

By choosing to invest InSight, you will be giving people with cataract a second chance at life. Your donations will be a new hope for them. Proper eyesight and vision are imperative to maintain an income in the modern world. Even a small donation of $5 is a big step for providing a new vision to a person.