Mwambo Library Project

People say that the youth is the hope of our future. But, how can we possibly create a future for our children if we don’t help them grow and develop as individuals who can think freely and form their own opinions?

This winter, a group of 11th-grade students are coming together from different schools to fundraise for and restore the Mwambao Primary School’s library located in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. We will after fundraising, we will travel to Bagamoyo to restore the library ourselves. “Why a library,” you ask? Without libraries, we have no past and no future. Different studies have revealed that to nurture reading habits in children, they must be exposed to it early in life.. Since access to books and literature is very scarce, the only place where children can be guaranteed with the opportunity to read is at school.

As a group of 11th graders from New Jersey, we want to take action and make a difference. We want to create an impactful project to help people in need, focusing on children. Children are one-third of our population, however, they are 100% of our future. Brightness and wisdom come from reading – this is why everyone should have access to a library. We have taken it upon ourselves to resolve this issue. With the help of Embrace Relief, we want to renovate a library and provide resources such as books, desks, and chairs to help kids learn how to read, help the overall economy, and increase the literacy rates in Tanzania.

The Mwambao Primary School consists of 705 students and the library has a maximum capacity of 20 people. Furthermore, the library contains a low number of books and furniture. It is a displeasing environment that makes children less enthusiastic to enter to read and learn.

Our main goals are to improve the environmental issues, make the library more welcoming, improve the standards of teaching and learning, and to benefit the general community. This library will be a place for pupils to spend their leisure time reading stories, playing games, and watch audiovisual materials. In the environment of Bagamoyo, where reading culture is very low, this type of project is very important for the education and social wellbeing of students and the community.

Want to join us in making a difference? We’re raising money in partnership with Embrace Relief to build this free public library in Tanzania, and any donation will help make an impact. We ask you to join us in educating the youth of the world. Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader! Donate today and contribute to the construction of a free public library in Tanzania, because we believe everyone should have the right to read.