Nihan Nur’s Final Wishes Fundraiser

Nihan Nur was a young woman whose life was tragically cut short, but at 24 years old, she knew the importance of helping others.
“Give my belongings to orphan children, if anything happens to me”
she wrote in her will. Although Nihan may not have the opportunity, you can help those children. The Dogodogo Center is a vocational training center in Tanzania which helps local children, many of whom are homeless. Over 1,300 vulnerable children over the course of 15 years have learned valuable skills such as carpentry, tailoring, and the installation of electrical equipment. These skills help the children grow to find stable employment in their communities. The Dogodogo Center is currently in need. Two dormitories and two classrooms must be renovated so the facility can continue to help local children. With your help, Embrace Relief can carry on Nihan’s legacy so the Dogodogo center can help more children have a stable future. For $7,500, the Dogodogo Center can have an electrical training classroom so students can learn a vocation and find stable employment. Help commemorate Nihan Nur by making a donation in her memory so the Dogodogo Center can be renovated.