Pennsylvania Dialogue Forum Group Fundraising

Every day, the refugee crisis happening around the world becomes more and more dire. Thousands of refugees are seeking asylum, specifically Turkish refugees fleeing to Greece to seek safety and refuge. These refugees flee from violence, war, political, and religious persecution. They have no choice but to uproot their lives and relocate in hopes of finding a better life and future for their children and family. These refugees are in critical need of assistance and help to learn a completely new way of life in order to not only survive, but to also thrive.

Right now, there are thousands of displaced families fleeing from Turkey to Greece. Upon arrival, they are put into refugee camps for a few weeks. After this, they are often displaced again with nowhere to go. The thought of not having a place to call “home” breaks their hearts, as it does ours. Together with our partner Pennsylvania Dialogue Forum, Embrace Relief is calling upon those who have a humanitarian spirit to help provide emergency housing. This housing is often temporary because the refugees flee to other European countries.

The number of displaced refugee families rises every single day and is expected to increase in the coming months. Refugees arrive in Greece with nothing and face the daunting task of finding a place to stay. Furthermore, available jobs are scarce and often impossible to come by, so it is difficult for families to save money or gain capital.

Due to the gracious donors and volunteers, we are able to provide emergency housing, food, healthcare, financial, psychological, and legal support to those who need it most. We now offer English courses to these Turkish refugees through our English Language Conversational Partnerships program. Many want to learn English because it is a prominent language in Europe and around the world, just in case they want or have to migrate to a different country.