Raise the Children: Educating Underprivileged Children in Africa

Seven-year-old Barth just lost the two people who loved and cared for him the most in this world—and the two people he also loved and cared for the most himself: his parents. They both died from HIV/AIDS, a major disease in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, and, as a result, Barth is both heartbroken and uncertain about his future. Extremely fortunately for him, though, he managed to find the Galaxie Foundation Orphanage, supported by Embrace Relief, which immediately inducted him into its home. Barth can’t contain his relief despite the tragedy, as he now receives the food, water, shelter, health insurance, and other things he needs to survive.

Providing Vital Education, Too

Now Embrace Relief is also looking to provide Barth and the 26 children at the Galaxie Foundation Orphanage with private, primary-level education. Primary-level education entails elementary, middle, and high school, and we’d like to provide private rather than public (which is free) schooling because it’s far more effective for the children.

The State of Public Education in the Congo

Currently, public education in The Democratic Republic of the Congo is suffering from an overabundance of students and the government’s inability to pay teachers adequately. This results in teachers being unable to effectively teach all of their students, many of whom cannot find a desk or chair to sit at during class. The COVID-19 pandemic is only exacerbating the situation, too, since so many children are packed so close together. On the other hand, private institutions provide adequate teachers, allowing them to follow up with each student individually continually. They also offer special courses for weak or struggling students. Therefore, it’s essential Barth, and the vulnerable children at the Galaxie Foundation Orphanage receive private schooling, as it’s the only way they’ll be able to move on to higher education and, subsequently, higher-level, more lucrative jobs. Without investing in these children’s education, they’ll be unable to pave brighter, more prosperous futures for both themselves and their communities.

Donate to Kids Today

Please consider donating today to not just help a child in need like Barth, but 26 of them in The Galaxie Foundation Orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and hopefully many more in the future! It costs $1,000 USD to supply a needy child with vital education for an entire year. You can either make a one-time payment of $1,000 USD or contribute $85 per month, and it’s up to you how many of Galaxie Foundation Orphanage’s children you would like to support. Together, we can do our part to limit the number of underprivileged kids in Africa and provide them with the strong encouragement they need to succeed!