Nonprofits’ Role in Reducing Cataract Rates Globally

Cataracts are the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world. Nonprofits, such as Embrace Relief, work to combat the severe effects of blindness caused by cataracts. This paper describes the debilitating impact cataracts have on victims and details Embrace Relief’s cataracts campaign which has resulted in thousands of people regaining their eyesight in impoverished areas in Africa and Haiti.
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A Sustainable Solution To Poverty in Africa – Embrace Relief’s Model

Africa faces many challenges as a result of an extremely high poverty rate. Some of the many issues plaguing Africa as a result of poverty include a lack of food and water, healthcare, education, and women’s empowerment. Embrace Relief recognizes these issues and intervenes to provide aid for the people of Africa. This paper details Embrace Relief’s innovative model for creating sustainable improvements in the lives of beneficiaries.
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The Epidemic of Cataracts in sub-Saharan Africa

Over 20 million people around the world suffer from cataracts, a disease that drastically affects one’s quality of life. Embrace Relief strives to combat the negative effects of cataracts by providing medical screenings and cataract surgeries to improve the health and overall lives of those in sub-Saharan Africa. This paper discusses Embrace Relief’s efforts to improve health outcomes by providing free cataract surgeries and low cost medical checkups to those suffering from this debilitating disease in Mali.
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