The Refugee Crisis

Refugees are forced to flee their homes and settle in new countries where they face many hardships trying to assimilate into their new lives. Embrace Relief recognizes the severity of the refugee crisis and takes action by providing much needed assistance to refugees. This paper analyzes the struggles refugees endure and how Embrace Relief assists by providing food, shelter, psychological support, and guidance.
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The Refugee Population in Greece

Greece became the home of many refugees and many are living in refugee camps as they wait for their asylum approval. Embrace Relief recognizes how many of these refugees were left without sufficient assistance including financial assistance, educational opportunities, and healthcare. This paper discusses Embrace Relief’s assistance to the refugees during assimilation by providing housing, education, job training, healthcare, and legal aid.
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Refugee Situation in Greece- The Problem & Our Response

Greece has been experiencing a constant influx of refugees seeking asylum. With recognition of the often extreme conditions refugees experience, Embrace Relief develops and implements programs which seek to create lasting improvements in refugees’ lives. The following paper details organizational efforts with the refugee population in Greece.
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