Agents of Change

Women throughout the world face a higher risk of living in poverty than their male counterparts. Embrace Relief strives for women’s rights and is dedicated to helping all achieve economic freedom and equality. This paper outlines Embrace Relief’s actions towards gender equality including vocational training initiatives and microcredit programs that economically and socially empower women.
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Mistreatment of Pregnant Women in Kenya

According to reports, pregnant women in Kenya are often intensely mistreated within hospitals while they are giving birth. Women are often physically and verbally abused in hospitals, which causes a high maternal mortality rate and more at-home births. This paper discusses the importance of NGOs, such as Embrace Relief, to educate women on their rights, provide training for at-home births, and donate medical resources to existing hospitals.
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Women’s Economic Empowerment

Throughout the world, women lack support for economic rights, education, decent employment, and financing to attend school or start a business. Embrace Relief has recognized these issues of equality and is committed to empowering women by closing the gender gaps that exist within the world. This paper introduces Embrace Relief’s vision of women’s empowerment and equality through the development of skills in vocational training programs.
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