Teaching Refugees English for the Future

Over the years, Embrace Relief has helped over 1.4 million refugees that have been forcibly displaced. They are forced to leave their home, belongings, and families in hopes of starting a brand new life in a foreign country away from the ongoing conflicts occurring in a place they once called home. We are proud to be one of the few organizations providing English courses known as the English Conversational Partnership Program to many of our refugees.  There are currently 152 refugees enrolled in our program, where they are systematically paired with native English speakers. The pairs meet once a week via video or phone calls where they discuss current events, their day, read books, articles, and newspapers in English so the refugee can learn how to speak and understand the language This unique program has been extremely successful, with many being able to further their education, excel in school, obtain jobs, and make new friends. Since English is the universal language, it is a requirement for many universities in Europe. We have seen multiple refugees who participate in this program be accepted into prestigious schools to pursue their dreams. We have also witnessed how overtime, the relationships between refugees and our volunteers have continued to blossom after completing our program into a life-long friendship.  Every day brings uncertainty as to what lies ahead for them. Therefore, helping refugees is one of our main priorities. By establishing a multi-faceted system, we go beyond supplying them with food. We are proud to assist them in their lives by also providing psychological support, shelter, translators, and guidance via pro-bono lawyers who help them with the asylum-seeking process.  The future for the refugees in Greece is uncertain, but, with your support, we ensure that they’re provided with all of the necessities and care needed to foster an easy transition. Refugees have no choice. You do with Embrace Relief. Please help support the lives and educations of refugees today by Clicking Here.