The Refugee Crisis in Greece

Embrace Relief helps the over 65 million people that are forcibly displaced throughout the world. These individuals are forced to leave their homes and lives behind to begin new lives in foreign countries.

Having uprooted their lives and relocated, these refugees require assistance to adapt. This process causes many refugees to feel lost and helpless. Due to the increasing number of refugees around the world, Embrace Relief has made it a priority to help those seeking safety.

Our organization has established a multi-faceted system designed to go beyond the normal food provisions. Four core aspects of this methodology are providing food, psychological support, shelter, and guidance to refugees. More than just providing food and goods to those in need, these volunteers support refugees in all aspects of their lives, by supplementing them with psychological support and guidance.

Together, Embrace Relief’s innovative approach to the refugee crisis in Greece highlights a model that addresses the physical, mental, and social needs of refugees. As the amount of refugees throughout the world continues to rise, refugee relief remains one of Embrace Relief’s main concerns. Here, we focus on refugee relief by creating campaigns to help refugees to survive and adapt.

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