Vocational Training in Tanzania

Despite low inflation rates, high growth rates and a promising tourism industry, Tanzania ranks sixty-ninth in terms of quality of life. The country’s youth face an uncertain job market, and, therefore, an uncertain future.

For fifteen years, the Dogodogo Training Center has promoted literacy, provided sustenance and sheltered orphans and other neglected children. Entering as homeless children, over 1,350 people have emerged as carpenters, tailors, electricians, fire-fighters and other productive, self-sufficient members of society. Collectively, they are the architects of a more stable future for Tanzania.

To further fuel that growth, the Center expects to increase the number of children in the program, but currently, the Center cannot accommodate those children. To meet the needs of the incoming students and properly provide them with practical skills, the Dogodogo Center requires renovations. Two dormitories must be renovated in order to accommodate an additional 70 students.

  • Renovation of the first dormitory for 35 students.
  • Duration of the project: 4 months
  • Project budget: $ 16,000
  • Renovation of the second dormitory for 35 students.
  • Duration of the project: 4 months
  • Project Budget: $ 16,000


Please help these children grow into capable, self-sufficient adults by making a donation. An investment in these children is an investment in Tanzania’s future.