Soma Disaster Relief

2014 Soma Mining Disaster, Manisa, Turkey

On May 13, 2014, a mining disaster claimed the lives of more than 300 miners in Soma in Manisa, Turkey. The disaster was caused by an untamed fire in the mine. Efforts were made to save as many victims as possible, but only 88 were rescued. 

Embrace Relief helped the families who lost their loved ones in the tragedy. We helped 50 families rebuild their lives. We bought houses for two of the most impacted families and gave 25 scholarships to the children who lost their parents. Furthermore, we donated $500 to the remaining 25 families to help them with financial, emotional, and psychological support. 

Overall, Embrace Relief was able to raise $150,000 for the victims and families affected by the Soma mining disaster.

Soma Disaster Relief Stand
Soma Disaster Relief Stands