5 Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022

Father’s Day 2022 is coming up soon, on June 19, so time is running out to get Dad that great gift that he’ll love. But that doesn’t mean you’re limited in your choice. Here are five classic ideas for several different kinds of Dads. These gifts won’t bust your wallet, but they are practical, enjoyable, and might be just the thing he wanted this year:

  1. Cooking tools for the perfect mea

If Dad’s the grilling type, give him the best tools to help him cook the perfect meal this summer! There are an endless variety of options depending on what he likes to cook – meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, etc. Maybe the most useful thing you can do is to find a good quality tool set.

Grill sets should include, at a minimum, a pair of tongs and a two-pronged fork to pick up food items, a slotted spatula for food flipping and removal, and a brush for cleaning. You may also want to find a set that includes tools like a meat thermometer, a basting brush, skewers, corn holders, or many others.

Ask Dad what he cooks, then find a set that will cover everything he needs, like the Romanticist or Cuisinart tool sets. Search around and you’ll easily find something Dad will appreciate.

  1. A backyard golf set so he can practice at home

If Dad is a golfer, or just an aspiring one, why not give him something that will let him work on his game without driving to the nearest driving range or course?

A variety of practice nets and cages are available at sporting goods stores and online, all of which can be set up on any flat surface, indoors or outdoors, depending on where you have space. Setup is a breeze, and the protective netting means Dad can practice tee shots to his heart’s content – without worrying about broken windows or angry neighbors.

Dad might also appreciate some help with his short game, too, so you may also want to look into backyard putting greens, which can fit in the garage, office, backyard, or anywhere else around the house.

  1. A water bottle that stays hot (or cold), even overnight

If Dad is a morning person, he probably likes his coffee hot. So, get him something that will keep his coffee hot until the last drop, even when he’s busy and on the go. Insulated water bottles are an economical and practical gift for a busy Dad. They keep hot liquids hot for 12-to-24 hours, and cold liquids cold for even longer than that. 

Some water bottles, like the S’well stainless steel bottle, specialize at keeping your hot drinks hot: one test saw the temperature of a coffee remain at 178 degrees Fahrenheit (down from 200) six hours after being poured into the bottle.

Others, like the RTIC or Yeti water bottles, work just fine with hot beverages, but really shine at keeping ice-cold water, iced tea, or other beverages frosty.

  1. Walk together and help Embrace Relief provide clean water in Africa

If Dad’s an outdoorsy type, how about giving him a Saturday full of fresh air, exercise and quality time overlooking one of America’s most famous landmarks?

If you’re in the New York metropolitan area, why not bring Dad out to Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ, on June 25, 2022, and join Embrace Relief’s H2Ow Far Can You Walk Walkathon

The 5K (3.1-mile) walkathon course will traverse one of the NYC area’s most beautiful green spaces, featuring views of (and ferry access to) the Statue of Liberty, historic New York Harbor, and downtown Manhattan. It’s the perfect site for a post-walkathon picnic, too.

Not only is Embrace Relief’s 5K Walkathon a great way to spend a summer Saturday, you can also make a real difference in people’s lives. Registration is between $15 and $30 and comes with different levels of free and fun gifts. All money raised at the 5K will go directly towards Embrace Relief’s program of building water wells in sub-Saharan Africa. Every single dollar donated will provide 2,000 gallons of clean drinking water to people in need. 

  1. A donation in Dad’s name for clean water

If Dad’s a charitable kind of guy, and Jersey City’s not a feasible day trip, you can always make a donation in his name to a good cause. Perhaps, say, Embrace Relief’s Clean Water Initiative!

A donation to the Clean Water Initiative – or any of Embrace Relief’s other humanitarian programs – in Dad’s name would be a wonderful way to make an impact in the lives of real people. And the certificate sent in return would show everyone that Dad is a thoughtful, caring person who wants to help others.

So far, Embrace Relief has built or reconstructed 500 water wells in Africa, providing clean water to a half-million people for the next five years. Every donation we receive will bring us closer to our next goal of building 750 wells, and you can help us get there.