We are excited to announce that the Pacifica Foundation-Seattle was able to raise over $7,700 to sponsor cataract patients and provide 1,155 health check-ups in Mali, Africa!

They raised their funds through their community. Their donors are members of the Hizmet Movement and their local community in Seattle. They promoted their group FUNdraiser via whatsapp, word of mouth, and in person interaction. 

For them, it wasn’t very challenging to reach their FUNdraising goal. They just had a little bit of hard time raising awareness of the issue they were trying to fundraise, which is the prevalence of cataracts disease. Despite that challenge, that didn’t hinder them to finish their goal and they always had in mind the number of people they’ll be able to help.

They felt so happy and great about being able to help people in need when they successfully completed their group FUNdraising project. They felt so fulfilled when they saw the photos of the cataract patients they have helped!