Children and Women’s Empowerment

Today’s society is evolving at an incredible pace. None of this would be possible without men and women both equally contributing knowledge and efforts to push society forward. It starts with children, which is why all children need to be in a position where they can grow and succeed. Many children and women are at a disadvantage in today’s society. Children are struggling to obtain sustainable food, shelter, and education. Women are struggling to have equal opportunities as men to succeed. Entire nations, businesses, communities, and groups can benefit from the implementation of programs and policies that adopt the notion of women empowerment. Empowerment of women is a necessity for the very development of a society since it enhances both the quality and the quantity of human resources available for development (Geojournal). This shift in culture is necessary for us to continue to strive and prosper on a local, national, and global scale. We need children to be well-nourished and healthy so they can thrive in school and feel safe and secure. According to the “World Bank” extreme poverty is living off of $1.25 or less a day. One billion children are living in poverty right now Education is crucial for the development of children and to escape poverty, all of its children need to have access to a decent education. Every child has the right to equal opportunities in life, however, children in many countries must succumb to the vicious cycle of poverty and it is transmitted from generation to generation, threatening their childhood and future. Because of their place of birth, race, ethnicity, and gender, many children are deprived of these rights. Extreme poverty is destroying the lives of many children and it is forcing them to give up their childhood. Together we can give children a sustainable life with quality shelter and education. At Embrace Relief, one of our many goals is to put children and their needs first. Many of our projects include supporting orphanages, education, and healthcare because we strive to develop projects that adapt to the different needs of individuals; especially children. We strive to improve the lives of children by creating lasting change and we work to be their philanthropic bridge.