Wheels for Refugees

Just like refugees everywhere, refugees coming to the US often end up here with not enough means to start a new life – just happy enough to flee from the oppression and troubles in their home country. One of the important challenges many refugees face when they come to the US is the need for a car. Many of them need to start working ASAP to be able to provide for their families, yet in a lot of cases, it’s almost impossible for a newcomer to become a part of the workforce without a vehicle since public transportation is either not available or not enough everywhere. And not being able to afford to buy a vehicle, a lot of these refugees find themselves in the middle of a vicious cycle.

To address this issue, as a continuation of our previous Embrace the Newcomers campaign, we’re launching a new fundraiser in partnership with Global Business Council (GBC) to donate vehicles for these newcomers. GBC was founded as a self-supporting non-profit organization in New Jersey by a group of businessmen and professionals to facilitate commerce between the US and Turkic Countries and to establish partnerships between Turkic and American Businessmen. This joint fundraiser specifically aims to provide vehicles for refugees who desperately need a car to make a living and cannot afford it. Your contribution will help them to get on a path to self-sufficiency.