Code Country Town/Village Inauguration Depth Serving
Cameroon Mainani 11/2020 45m / 148ft 1300 people

Hello, my dear friends and family. Thank you so much for visiting my fundraising page to build a water well in Baby Kaya’s name. This water well will supply a community of 2,000 people with fresh flowing water every day with a guarantee on the well for 5 years (Before the 5 years end, the partners teach a member of the community how to conduct the annual inspection, where they can purchase the materials needed to fix it, and how to fix it.)

I ask that you please donate to build this water well instead of buying gifts or giving cash for Baby Kaya. Thank you for joining us in welcoming Baby Kaya to the world with a well that will serve people for years to come so that she will be able to help the lives in need who were not as lucky as her. This well will not only provide clean water but will also boost the economy, school attendance, sanitation and hygienic practices, and community development.