Thankful Thursday: A Thanksgiving Food Drive

As we celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving, may we extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to each and every one of YOU, our great donors, who have always been there supporting us especially during one of the hardest times we have all ever experienced. 

Thank you for being our donor, for supporting our cause, and for being our amazing neighbors! We wouldn’t be able to touch the lives of people in need without your help.

During this unprecedented time, the year of the great coronavirus pandemic, we believe that it is time to look after our neighbors in need. That is why we are starting a Thanksgiving campaign called Thankful Thursday: A Thanksgiving Food Drive. Let’s share food on our neighbor’s table during the season of giving by donating a food package so they too can enjoy this special occasion with their loved ones. 

A food package will cost $50 each but we always believe that any amount can make a huge difference in someone’s life. We will be distributing these packages to families in need. So for this thanksgiving, let us build a longer table and not a higher fence!