Providing Internet Connectivity For All Students

Embrace Relief is partnering with the FBI Newark Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBINewarkCAAA) to bring internet access to the estimated 90,000 students in New Jersey that lack it.

Due to COVID-19, remote learning is expected to continue throughout the rest of the 2020-2021 school year and might go on even longer. COVID-19 has brought continuous uncertainty in all aspects of life. But, one thing is sure, thousands of N.J. students will fall behind in school if they do not have access to the internet, which is necessary for remote learning. Students will face struggles like never before, and we are dedicated to helping them as much as we can. 

Children are our future, and they are counting on us to prepare them as best we can for what is to come. Together, we must do our best to bring to help them excel in learning so they can grow up to be bright, confident, productive members of society.

Please join us in providing students in New Jersey the rightful opportunity to learn as we continue to adapt to our “new normal.”