International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2023

Hunger continues to afflict millions around the globe. In the summer of 2023, a staggering 660 million people worldwide – roughly 1 out of every 12 people – do not receive enough nutrition on a daily basis to lead a healthy life.

Hunger Relief is one of Embrace Relief’s core values, and we have made it our mission to provide this relief where it is needed most. Thanks to the generous support of our donors, partner organizations, and volunteers around the world, Embrace Relief has been able to deliver immediate relief to more than 4 million people suffering from hunger over the past decade. This compassion is the driving force behind our International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2023 campaign.

Embrace Relief is thrilled to announce the success of our Qurbani 2023 campaign. This year, our donors enabled us to distribute meat packages to more than 122,000 people in 19 countries spanning five continents! This number represents a 25 percent increase on the number of people we reached during this same campaign in 2022.

This outstanding success is possible only because of the generous support of our donors, partners, and volunteers. Together, we provided nutritious meat to tens of thousands of families in the Phillippines, Yemen, Kenya, Greece, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Uganda, the United States, and many more countries – a life-changing bit of support for people in great need.

Who We Reached

  • 122,000+ people in 19 countries
  • 20,410 families received meat packages
  • Our widest reach was in the Philippines, where more than 4,800 families received meat packages.
  • We also provided aid to people in need here in the United States, with more than 21,000 individuals receiving food.
  • The Qurbani 2023 campaign reached 11 African countries, led by Tanzania, Mali, Kenya and Uganda. In each of those countries, at least 1,400 families received meat packages.
  • Embrace Relief and our partners distributed meat to nearly 1,000 families in Pakistan for Qurbani.
  • More than 2,000 people in conflict-stricken Yemen benefitted from this program.
  • Embrace Relief also distributed meat packages in South America, reaching a combined 234 families in Brazil and Colombia.
  • In all of these cases, the generous support of our donors provided immediate relief from hunger, and the peace of mind of knowing where their next meal will come from.
Embrace Relief feeds 122,000 people worldwide during International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2023

By the numbers

Here is a list of how many people were Embrace Relief served during our Qurbani 2023 campaign:

  • WORLDWIDE: 122,450
  • Africa: 57,000
    • Tanzania: 13,100
    • Mali: 10,100
    • Kenya: 7,800
    • Uganda: 7,800
    • Burkina Faso: 3,900
    • Nigeria: 3,900
    • Ethiopia: 2,600
    • Togo: 2,600
    • Ghana: 2,600
    • Central African Republic: 2,600
  • Asia: 39,400
    • Philippines: 26,700
    • Pakistan: 5,200
    • Afghanistan: 2,600
    • Indonesia: 2,600
    • Yemen: 2,300
  • United States: 21,400
  • Greece: 3,350
  • South America: 1,300
    • Colombia: 1,050
    • Brazil: 250
Embrace Relief feeds 122,000 people worldwide during International Hunger Relief: Qurbani 2023

About Embrace Relief

Embrace Relief is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit international humanitarian relief and development organization based in Fairfield, New Jersey. The foundation collects and distributes supplies and aid to families, individuals, and institutions around the world. We support eight programs covering a wide variety of humanitarian causes: Disaster Relief, Health, Clean Water, Hunger Relief, Refugee Relief, Women’s Empowerment, Education, and Children.

Embrace Relief’s mission is to deliver research-based, sustainable solutions to achieve immediate and lasting improvements in situations of humanitarian emergency and improving the quality of life of individuals and communities enduring chronic hardships. We are committed to creating a lasting impact on the lives of individuals, both locally and globally.

By implementing research-based programs, we can achieve measurable, sustainable improvements in the lives of those in need. Through constant and rigorous research, coupled with close interaction with those we serve, we can ensure that we deliver the most beneficial services. Our core principles are humanity, inclusivity, impartiality, independence, and voluntary service. We value sustainability, transparency, innovation, and partnership. With the guidance of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Embrace Relief hopes to provide much-needed humanitarian and crisis assistance to communities to reduce global poverty.

Since 2013, we have:

  • Built water wells providing clean drinking water to more than 800,000 people in Africa
  • Aided more than 1 million victims of natural disasters
  • Distributed more than 1.5 million pounds of food
  • Provided more than 500,000 health screenings in Mali

And much more!