• The L.E.A.R.N. program provides education and empowerment opportunities for Afghan girls.
  • Safiya, Lima, and Muskan share their inspiring stories of resilience and determination.
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The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 interconnected global With only 22 credits left to graduate high school, most teenagers would be thinking about where to go to college or what they will do on their senior trip. However, for Safiya, she has been waiting to complete these 22 credits for the past two years, and attending university seems like a pipe dream. The truth is simple and bleak; in Safiya’s own words, “I can’t study in Afghanistan.”

In Afghanistan, millions of children, 60% of whom are girls, are unable to attend school due to insecurity, traditional norms, and lack of resources. With an estimated 3.7 million children left out of school, educational opportunities remain scarce, particularly for girls who face limited access to female teachers and girls-only schools and early marriage; according to UNICEF, 17% of girls married before the age of 15. Geographical barriers and insufficient infrastructure throughout the country have only exacerbated the problems. “I haven’t been able to do online classes since the school closed. I want to admit…it’s sad for me when I’m reading online and it’s all self-study. You have to learn everything by yourself through your phone, but there’s problems with the electricity,” said Lima, another young girl trying to finish high school in Afghanistan.

These disparities in education contribute to gender inequality and limit opportunities for women and girls to participate fully in society. But, education is their key to a better future. UNICEF published that each year of schooling for children in Afghanistan increases future wages on average by 3.9%. By providing accessible education, improving learning quality, and enhancing institutional capacity, every child, especially girls, can have the opportunity to learn and thrive.

Embrace Relief has already begun changing this narrative. Just last week, our L.E.A.R.N. program launched in Afghanistan. L.E.A.R.N., which stands for Learning and Education for Afghan girls’ Rights and Needs, is dedicated to providing high-quality education to girls and young women in Afghanistan. By providing access to virtual education, none of the risks present in attending classes in person are present. Safiya, Lima, and Muskan are three young girls that have started attending virtual classes.

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While Safiya has been out of school for some time, she has dived fully into this educational opportunity. She is now preparing for the SATs and exploring opportunities to study at universities in the United States with the support of mentors. Lima, who also had to halt her education in 2022, said that the time away from school has made things difficult for her. Now, Lima has found a new path through L.E.A.R.N., having support with her studies and bringing her closer to fulfilling her academic aspirations. “This program helps me see the good side of online learning. I like math, and the math program was really great for me. The program has been really inspiring.” Meanwhile, Muskan sees graduation as her goal and dreams of studying abroad to become a doctor. She thinks that L.E.A.R.N. is “a great opportunity. It’s the best opportunity for everyone to learn online all of the subjects. There’s interesting subjects, like history and math. It’s the best opportunity, and we should work hard at this time to learn a better way [than how it was before].”

Embrace Relief Afghan Girls

For these girls, the L.E.A.R.N. program is not just about academics; it’s about hope, opportunity, and empowerment. The stories of Safiya, Lima, and Muskan are just a glimpse into the transformative power of the L.E.A.R.N. program. With your support, LEARN can continue to break down barriers and provide education and empowerment to more girls in Afghanistan.

Together, let’s stand for gender equality, women’s rights, and women’s empowerment. Your contribution to the LEARN program is more than just a donation; it’s an investment in the future of girls in Afghanistan. We can make a difference and create a world where every girl has the chance to thrive and succeed. Donate to the LEARN program today to not only provide access to education, but to open doors to opportunity and empowerment for girls in need.

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