English Learning Courses for Refugees

English is the universal language of the world. Embrace Relief’s English program has made sure that over 150 refugees from around the world receive free English classes every week. Your compassion for refugees can help expand this program and open up a world of opportunities for refugees. Scroll down to read about a refugee whose life has been changed by the program and learn how you can help!


Embrace Relief has made sure that refugees from around the world are receiving the English classes they need. We have over 150 students being taught by over 100 volunteers every week to help improve their English and the program is expanding worldwide. We now have 133 volunteers from 7 countries and 262 refugees in 5 countries registered in our program! 

Our program is changing lives. Those who are forced from their home countries are often pushed to the outskirts of society when they resettle in an area with an unfamiliar language. As the accepted common language of the world, learning English gives refugees opportunities that change their lives for the better.

Let us introduce you to *Merve, a refugee whose life has been changed because of these English classes!


Merve*, is a Turkish refugee who had to flee with her family by boat and arrived in Greece without knowledge of Greek nor English.

  "Starting over in a foreign country is overwhelming and I began to lose my sense of identity. Everything was so different, I even lost track of time and didn’t realize I had spent my 16th birthday in the Refugee Camp – but that was okay because we were together and safe.
  Entering a foreign country can be extremely frustrating when you don’t understand the language or culture. It was difficult to find a place to stay, where to eat, and to learn in school.
  I decided to sign up because I thought it would help me to learn, make friends, and communicate with others around me.… I want to say ‘Thank You!’ to Embrace Relief for helping me with my English. I am so grateful and thankful to have the opportunity to take part in this incredible program!"

Since beginning her English lessons in August of 2019, she was accepted into and is now studying psychology and neuroscience at a university in the Netherlands… programs that are taught entirely in English!

We’re ecstatic that we have volunteers and students who are committed to these classes and whose lives are being transformed just like Merve, and we’re looking for your support to help improve our program and expand it to reach more refugees!

Why Support the English Learning
Courses for Refugees?

This unique program has been extremely successful, with many being able to further their education, excel in school, obtain jobs, and make new friends. Since English is the universal language, it is a requirement for many universities in Europe. We have seen multiple refugees who participate in this program be accepted into prestigious schools to pursue their dreams. We have witnessed how, over time, the relationships between refugees and our volunteers have continued to blossom life-long friendships. The future for the refugees in Greece is uncertain, but, with your support, we ensure that they’re provided with all of the necessities and care needed to foster an easy transition.
No teaching background is necessary. Please fill out the appropriate form below if you would like to become an English volunteer or if you would like to learn English.