Ethiopia Library Project Transportation Group Fundraiser

Only 7.5% of all Primary School students in Ethiopia pass the National exam by the end of eighth grade with a score of 50% or above, which allows them to begin high school. And of that group, only 40% actually attend. Part of this issue is due to the enormous lack of study materials available, such as textbooks, pens, and paper, which help students prepare for the exam. As a result, nonprofit humanitarian organizations Boston Dialogue Foundation and Peace Islands Institute Boston—both located in the Greater Boston area in the United States—are banding together with Embrace Relief to send English textbooks to 50 schools in Ethiopia. These books will help 50,000 students have access to English literature that will support them to connect with the world. Please donate today to help us reach our goal of $2500, which will cover the cost of the transportation of a full container full of books. With your help, we can give underprivileged children in Ethiopia the boost they desperately need to carve brighter, happier futures for both themselves, their country, and future generations.