Fight For Sight

Vision is something many people, including myself, take for granted. My name is Rose Bora and I hadn’t realized the importance of being able to see a sunset until my first retinal surgery in my sophomore year of highschool where I lost 85% of my central vision. To this day I have had 7 retinal surgeries and a cataract surgery, leaving my left eye nearly blind at 17 years old. Thanks to these events, I have realized the value that one’s ability to see brings to life. Despite the obstacles I went through in regards to my vision, thankfully I had reliable healthcare, support from my family and friends, and determined surgeons who gave their blood, sweat, and tears to save a fraction of my vision. Unfortunately there are people who suffer even worse maladies than I, in fact, 2.2 million people suffer from cataracts in Africa. Cataracts are developed in the eye when the lens in one’s eye fogs up and is usually a result of aging. However, due to the poor climate and sheltering situations, lack of nutritious foods, and extreme sunlight exposure, many young children in Africa are finding themselves developing cataracts at an unnaturally early age. Not only do children as young as five lose their vision early on, but their families often do not have the means to provide for the required surgery to treat their condition, leaving them nearly blind most of their lives. Many children suffering from cataracts state that they were unable to take part in the normal functions of life and that the condition has stolen their childhood from them. It is almost inconceivable to me how difficult these children have it, as it was near impossible to cope with my partial loss of vision for myself even with my fortunate situation. By knowing first hand how difficult this fight is from going through it myself, I have a burning passion and inspiration to lend a hand to the young children and adults fighting in harsh conditions to save their vision. So I urge you to help me help them and please consider giving a monetary donation to the Fight for Sight Project and provide 25 people with their vision back.