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Group FUNdraising Be a Part of Something Fun and Special

Group FUNdraising is a program here at Embrace Relief in which a group of people raise funds for one of our many great humanitarian causes. And YOU could be a part of it! Just create your own group—which could be made up of your friends, family, relatives, classmates, colleagues, employees, whoever you want!—and together you will all raise funds to help those most in need around the globe. Which Embrace Relief campaign or place in the world you want to help in particular is totally up to you and your group—whichever you are most passionate about! (Campaigns are listed below.)

Why Start a Group Fundraiser?

There are so many wonderful reasons to start a Group Fundraiser through Embrace Relief. For example:

  1. It aids hundreds—if not thousands—of people most in need around the world.
  2. It helps create a feeling of camaraderie among you and your group, the sense you’re all working together to improve the lives of others and make the world a better place.
  3. You and your group will receive the opportunity to visit the country/place you’re fundraising for (except for cataract surgeries and during the covid pandemic) to help directly with implementing the program, become immersed in the culture of the place, have the opportunity to meet and interact with new people, experience a new way of life, develop an appreciation for others, and witness the positive change you’re making. (This opportunity is certainly not a requirement, however.)
  4. You and your group become official volunteers for Embrace Relief and those you are serving, which looks absolutely fantastic on college applications, job resumes, and just plain in general since working on a group fundraiser for a sufficient period of time shows leadership, determination, dedication, and compassion. It may also help group members determine their career goals, refine skills, meet new people, and open doors for new opportunities.
  5. Those who are 13-24 years old* have the opportunity to sign up for the Congressional Award program. Those who are eligible could be awarded Bronze, Silver, and Gold Certificates and Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals depending on the amount of time they put into volunteering and the set goals they accomplish.
  6. You get to create the name of your project and a brief description of it that we will post on our website. Click  to check out our current Group FUNdraising Projects.

*If a student is under the age of eighteen, they will need an adult in the group to assist as the adviser or chaperone. Also, because of the current COVID-19 situation, students are allowed to exchange a certain amount of donation into volunteer hours. $25 = 1 hour of volunteer service, so we can help students curate their volunteer hours during this tough time.

Campaigns to Choose from

Below is a list of the campaigns you can form a Group Fundraiser for:

    • Water Well Projects—over 2 billion Africans don’t have access to clean water or must travel miles to retrieve it every day. Your group can build a sustainable water well in Tanzania, Chad, or Cameroon that will supply useable water to 1,000 people. Upon completion, your group can name the water well after the group name or in memoriam of someone.
    • Orphanage Renovations—orphans are among the most vulnerable populations in the world. Often feeling forgotten and left behind, they lose their excitement for life at an early age. Restore light in their lives with your group by renovating an orphanage in Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, or Uganda, Africa. Renovations includes painting, planting, and distributing food.
  • Library Renovations—libraries are the cornerstone of learning and knowledge. Your group has the opportunity to travel to Kenya or Tanzania, Africa to build a library, fill it with furniture, and stock it with books and computers. This includes acquiring 2,000 books in English and 2,000 books in the country’s local language.
  • School Supplies—millions of families around the world do not have the financial means to equip their children with necessary school supplies. With your group you will provide supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, highlighters, and more to underprivileged children near your group in the United States.
  • Sponsor Cataract Surgeries—a cataract is a progressive disease of the eye that causes blurry vision and eventually complete blindness. Due to the lack of access to proper healthcare, almost 800,000 people suffer from cataracts in Mali, Africa. Through Embrace Relief, every surgery is $100. This covers the cost of the surgery and a post-surgery checkup.
  • Certified Health Checkups—raise funds to provide professional checkups to underserved populations in Mali, Uganda, and Kenya, Africa. Each checkup costs as little as $3. You have the option to travel to the place you are raising money to assist with checkups by helping the doctors transport supplies and keep everything in order.
  • Feed the HungryMillions of people worldwide are going to bed hungry every single night. But with your group, you can help not just fund meals for those struggling to find their next one, but you can help distribute them, too.
  • Refugee ReliefWorldwide, millions of refugees are constantly fleeing their homes due to conflict with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Through Embrace Relief, your group can provide these brave souls with food, clothes, shelter, and educational courses on how to speak English so they can find both new jobs and permanent residences.

So, really, what could be more FUN than contributing to a humanitarian cause that helps those most in need around the world with a group of people you care about yourself? We here at Embrace Relief can’t think of anything else. Please consider starting your own Group FUNdraiser today through Embrace Relief so we can all make the world a better place together.