Health Check-ups

Due to the lack of access to proper healthcare in Africa, millions are left with undiagnosed illnesses and diseases that often spread and cause death. The patients our doctors and nurses tend to live in extreme poverty and otherwise would have no opportunity to see a medical professional during their lifetime.


Our Approach

Embrace Relief organizes and conducts regular and thorough health check-ups in remote places throughout Mali using the Mobile Health Clinic. This truck comes fully equipped with up-to-date medical equipment that is necessary to conduct a proper health examination. 

If there is a need for cataract, we are able to perform these free of charge, you can click here to sponsor a surgery and give the gift of a lifetime. If an illness or disease is diagnosed, the medical professionals guide the patient to the appropriate facilities to receive the required treatment. If they cannot afford or do not have access to these facilities, Embrace Relief helps fund their transportation because they otherwise would have no way of receiving medication or treatment.

Moreover, for just $25, you can provide health insurance to a child at the Hiaria Orphanage in Tanzania for one year. With this card, they can visit almost every medical center or hospital and receive care at no cost. The children in this orphanage are grateful every day for what they have, health insurance makes them feel safe and allows them to be a carefree child once again.

Our Impact


Since 2013, our volunteer doctors have performed over 35,950 health checkups and over 2,985 cataract surgeries.


Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages