Health Check Ups

Overcoming Barriers in Healthcare

Access to healthcare services is a basic right that every human deserves. Yet, millions of Malians continue to struggle to find access to basic services and education on health.

One thing is certain, intervention and prevention save lives.

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How We Address The Healthcare Problem

We are addressing these problems by providing free health services to people in the most need. Anyone can walk into our clinics and request a free health checkup.

Preventative measures and early detection mean that doctors can start immediate care plans. Thus, drastically improving the survival rate and saving countless lives.


  • Height/weight/age
  • Vital signs
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature
  • Abdominal examination
  • Head and neck examination to check lymph nodes, tonsils, and thyroid
  • Eye examination

Mobile Medical Units

Embrace Relief supports two mobile health units which travel to remote villages to conduct health checkups. Click here to learn more.


Can travel up to 9 hours outside of Bamako, and includes a health screening room, dental surgery room, cataract surgery room.

The Mobile Health Clinic goes to villages once every two months, where they spend 3-7 days examining patients and completing surgeries.


Travels to villages up to 3 hours outside of Bamako, 3x a week. This unit brings general antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and eye drops.

The mobile team can conduct up to 200 health screenings on every expedition. If our volunteer doctors find a medical issue that cannot be addressed on-site, they are transported to one of our clinics.

Our Impact

Since 2013, the clinics have completed over 39,800 cataract surgeries, conducted over 597,000 health screenings, and trained dozens of local Malian staff along the way.

39,800+ Cataract Surgeries

597,000 Health Screenings

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Testimonial from Dr. Usen Kasenov, a volunteer ophthalmologist from Kazakhstan

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
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