Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief

Hurricane Ida is plowing through and wreaking havoc on Louisiana after making landfall on August 29. Ida leaves nothing but a trail of destruction and devastation as the strongest recorded Category 4 hurricane to hit Louisiana. Hurricane Ida has morphed into a tropical storm, but her wrath is still strong. For scale, Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane and hit Louisiana 16-years ago and claimed the lives of more than 1,800 people and left $100+ billion in damages. Here’s the latest updates:
  • Power outages throughout New Orleans
  • Flash flood warnings west of New Orleans. The locations affected by the flood emergency included Hammond, Ponchatoula and Livingston, as well as Interstate 55 between mile markers 23 and 38 and Interstate 12 between mile markers 20 and 52
  • Presidential major disaster declaration by President Biden
  • Millions of dollars of damage in infrastructure
  • A rapidly rising death toll
They urgently need your help. From the perpetual threat of COVID-19 for the past 2 years and ever-rising variant mutations, millions of people losing their jobs, being hospitalized for months, and losing friends and family, to experience a devastating natural disaster amidst this chaos is traumatizing. They are currently heartbroken and at a loss of what they are going through. This campaign is in partnership with Atlas Foundation. Donate now and extend your helping hand to the people affected by this disaster! Any amount will make a difference.