International Hunger Relief: Embrace Relief’s Qurbani Quality Process

Since 2014, Embrace Relief has been distributing Qurbani meat packages to the hundreds of millions of people struggling to put food on the table worldwide. Reasons they struggle include due to their lack of resources, an extremely unequal income distribution in the world, and conflict within specific countries.

About Qurbani

To ensure these packages are of the utmost quality and the animals are slaughtered as humanely and hygienically as possible, Embrace Relief’s partners put careful consideration into their selection of the animals and must comply with their local countries’ rules and designated times for the slaughter. In order to meet these standards, the animals must be:

  • Of great health
  • Above two years of age
  • Of minimum weight for the animal

It is because of this careful selection and scrupulous attention to utmost quality that our Qurbani packages often cost more than other packages you may find on the internet or at other venues. In addition, our meat package prices cover the following: animal cost, veterinary cost, slaughtering, skinning, chopping, packaging, facilitation fee, premises fees, and transport to distribution.

Please Donate Today

Please consider donating today to help send Qurbani meat packages to people most in need around the world. When you do, you are not only ensuring they receive food of the highest quality and nutritional value, you’re providing them hope for a brighter future as well.