What Can You Do with $25? Save a Life!

Ever wonder what you can do with $25? We bet a thousand things are running through your head right now—buy a pizza dinner for your family, take someone you admire out for coffee, etc. But we bet you didn’t know something else you could do with it, something even more powerful and significant: Save a life!

That’s right. With just $25, you can give a vulnerable child in Africa healthcare for a whole year, a child who lost either one or both their parents to diseases like HIV/AIDS and ongoing conflicts in their country. That is, until Embrace Relief stepped in and provided them everything they need to survive and thrive: food, water, shelter, and education. In fact, Embrace Relief covers 100 children in the Hiari and Amani orphanages in Tanzania and 30 children in the Galaxie Foundation orphanage in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. But there’s still another incredibly important piece of the puzzle these vulnerable children need to live long, happy, prosperous lives: healthcare.

The Importance of Healthcare

By providing these incredibly vulnerable children with healthcare, they’re also protected against any unexpected, highly expensive medical services and costs due to serious accidents or illnesses. This is of special significance in a place with extreme weather conditions, high crime rates, and other severe dangers. So, please don’t hesitate to donate $25 to Embrace Relief today to save a life and provide a child in one of our orphanages with much-needed healthcare insurance for a full month. You’ll not only be helping them survive, but aiding them in getting a foothold on life, grow, learn, and carve a bright future for both themselves and their country.