Peace Islands Refugee Fundraiser

Peace Islands Institute New York invites you to join its campaign to raise funds to help Turkish refugees in Greece.  There is an ongoing refugee tragedy that is heavy on our hearts, so we decided to join Embrace Relief’s refugee relief efforts and start our own fundraiser. After a failed coup attempt in 2016, more than 150,000 public and private sector workers in Turkey were dismissed from their jobs.  Those dismissed include state officials, teachers, judges, academics, doctors, police officers, and media workers.


“The arbitrary dismissals have had a devastating impact on those who lost their jobs and their families. They did not only lose the jobs they occupied; in some cases, they were entirely cut off from access to their professions, as well as housing and health care benefits, leaving them and their families without livelihood opportunities.”  Amnesty International, 2018

Victims of the purge face exceptionally difficult circumstances.  They are barred from working in state institutions.  Private companies would not hire them given the enormous pressure from the government. And they are also prevented from seeking employment abroad since their passports are canceled, along with their spouses and children. Ekrem’s drawing of his favorite superhero, Spiderman (Greece, 2018). He is the actual superhero who walked over seven hours, quietly, never complaining, through dark woods at night and across the Evros/Meric River to get to Greece. Copyright @ Alex Morel Given the horrific conditions, many purge victims try to escape the country.  Many cross the Greek-Turkish border along the Evros river and seek a new life there.  This year alone, nearly 4,000 Turks have applied for asylum in Greece.  The Greek public has shown exemplary courage and hospitality of enormous proportions, and we are very grateful. Yet, unfortunately, many families perished in the Evros river trying to cross it under treacherous conditions.  

Alçı Family is seen as walking near the Evros river between Turkey and Greece. Photo: Mahir Korulu.  Read their story here.

Those refugees in Greece need our help! Your donations will help them pay rent, buy food and clothes, and reduce their suffering. Join us to help them get settled and continue on a path to self-sufficiency.  We want to thank you in advance for reading this message and sharing our concerns.  We hope you can help – no amount is too small and each penny will make a difference. You can donate below: Thanks to gracious donations and supporters, we’ve raised $26,667.95 for refugees in Greece! We ask you to consider donating to this cause to help even more people!