Qurban 2018 Distribution

Embrace Relief’s 2018 Qurban campaign was yet another success. Thousands of people across the globe were distributed packages of meat – an essential source of protein which some of these people sadly cannot afford to buy throughout the year. According to the World Health Organization, there are 153 million children suffering from growth deficiency in developing countries. Meat and animal products are necessary for children in order to grow properly because of the protein, minerals, and vitamins they contain. As part of our Hunger Relief program, Embrace Relief administers qurban organizations in up to 40 countries every year and help you easily reach out to people in need across the globe. Every donation you make translates into meat for about ten families and bring joy to tables. This year, Embrace Relief distributed qurban meat to more than 24,000 families in four continents, thanks to your generosity! From the Philippines to Yemen where famine is rampant, to refugee families in Greece and low-income neighborhoods in the United States, ER volunteers worked for days to prepare and take meat packages to the houses of people in need.  We thank all our dedicated donors and volunteers for yet another successful campaign year!