Refugees & Winter

Love it or hate it, winter is right around the corner. Pretty soon, we will be dealing with the cold winds, chilly nights, and snow once again. When this time of year strikes, we all have the intention to stay inside a place that’s warm and have hot meals ready to be eaten. Unfortunately, refugees that are in Greece do not have the same luxuries we have, which makes the season even more difficult for them. Refugees currently living in Greece are often forced to brave the winter months in camps, with most of them being overcrowded and not having enough food to eat. This leaves many to struggle during the long cold months.  Luckily, through Embrace Reliefs “Greece Refugee Relief Campaign”, you can help support this vulnerable population as winter closes in. With a donation, you can provide refugees with much-needed essentials for the season. One of these essentials is warm, safe emergency housing, no one should be forced to live outside in the freezing temperatures, and it can become a health risk. The other essential to have is a hot meal, not just in general but also due to the fact that the holidays are close by. We want everyone to have the warm and fuzzy feeling of the holiday season no matter where they are in the world. Furthermore, Embrace Relief will offer legal and psychological support during this stressful time to those that need it. Refugees need our help more than ever, and you can help out by Clicking Here