Youth Island 2019 Program

Youth Island 2019 Summer International Trip

In 2019, Youth Island of New York raised money to complete three projects in Uganda. The group ran a meat drive and were able to donate 210 meat packages to families and orphanages in the cities and surrounding villages. Second, they raised over $16,000 USD which helped them cover the cost of 2,224 people to get health checkups, 40 people to get cataract surgeries, and donated $9,100 to a medical camp. Lastly, ran food and gift drives for two orphanages and one school. At the first orphanage they donated clothes, toys, candy, $140 for food expenses, and 50 kg of meat. At the second orphanage, which had 60 visually impaired children, they covered their dinner expenses and donated gifts and toys. They donated toys and clothing to 650 students at the Career High School.