Share Food, Give Happiness

If there is one thing in this world that is true, it is that everyone loves food.  Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity, resources, or ability to access even one meal a day.  Everyday, millions of people suffer from malnutrition which causes chronic hunger, disease, and even death. One of the most important sources of food is protein from meat.  This protein contributes to a long and healthy life, which many people around the world do not get to experience.  There are people in places such as Africa, Greece, Yemen, and even the United States, who are denied the chance at a prosperous life But, not all hope is lost. As it does every year, Embrace Relief is raising funds for International Hunger Relief to distribute Qurban meat to those who need it most. Coming from goats, sheep and cattle, this meat is humanely and hygienically handled, meaning it adheres to common dietary restrictions. Now, you can even track your donation and get a notification when it has arrived to a family in need. To become a hero by contributing to International Hunger Relief today, Click Here.