Turkish Refugees Fundraiser

Today, and every day, our hearts are heavy due to the refugee crisis that is happening around the world.  Did you know that every day thousands of refugees seeking asylum?  Furthermore, hundreds of Turkish refugees are fleeing to Greece to seek safety and asylum. These refugees flee from violence, political, and ideological persecution. 

Unfortunately, they are forced to uproot their lives and relocate in hopes to find a better life and future for their children. These refugees need assistance and help to learn a completely new way of life in order to not just survive but to also thrive. 

Right now, there is a group of Turkish women who desperately want to help these people who do not feel accepted anywhere. The thought of not having a place to call “home” breaks their hearts, as it does ours.  These women are passionate about saving lives and wish to raise money for the Turkish refugees through Embrace Relief’s campaigns.

Due to gracious donors and volunteers, Embrace Relief is able to provide food, healthcare, shelter, financial, psychological, and legal support to those who need it most.  Embrace Relief is also in the implementation phase of offering English courses to these Turkish refugees.  Many want to learn English because it is a prominent language in Europe and around the world, just in case they want or have to migrate to a different country.  

Right now, our goal is to raise 11,000 USD (or more!) to help aid these refugees that are in desperate need.  Donate below so you can become a worldwide hero and start changing lives today: