Share The Food

As great as it is to receive a gift, the giver feels the greater benefit. Studies have found that generosity engenders better long-term happiness and longevity, because human beings are biologically rewarded for altruism in the form of the hormones dopamine and oxytocin. In turn, these hormones promote gratification and tranquility, while decreasing cortisol, a hormone which puts us at greater risk of heart disease, depression and other maladies. It was in this spirit that Embrace Relief asked its supporters to donate to its International Hunger Relief campaign. To our immense pride, many of you answered. Your contributions enabled Embrace Relief to distribute over 3,500 food packs to refugee families in Greece, Tanzanian children, and Yemeni families. On behalf of recipients,  Embrace Relief thanks you for your generosity. Needless to say, our International Hunger Relief campaign is still ongoing and so we will continue delivering food packs for those in need. Please consider joining our efforts and donating a food pack today.