Share Your Eid With First Bricks’ Students

The Qurbani holiday is a time of joy and celebration for millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, there are currently 79.5 million displaced people around the world, of which 31 million are children. This Qurbani holiday, millions of refugee children around the globe will welcome the celebration away from their homes, people they love, and their favorite toys. Child refugees are among the most vulnerable populations globally and often do not fully comprehend what has happened, why they left their homes, or what will happen. Refugee families often only travel with one bag that holds very little. As the journey to freedom is dangerous and exhausting, their clothes and belonging are often lost or ruined. In the sixty seconds it will take you to read this, 20 more people will flee their home country out of fear from war, persecution, violence, terror, and fear and become refugees. To become a refugee means leaving everything one knows behind, including family, friends, home. This is extremely difficult for children to comprehend and adjust to. Refugee students in Greece from our First Bricks after-school education program will receive your gifts on Eid al-Adha. Please, join us in our mission to help refugee children celebrate Qurbani by sending them gift packages. You can help them remember what it means to be a carefree child again, reclaim their childhood, and help them celebrate this holiday of joy.