Food Donations with Mayor Benjamin G. Blake

Hunger Relief

Since 2013, Embrace Relief has provided hunger relief to the hundreds of millions of people who struggle to put food on the table all around the world. Reasons they struggle include due to their lack of resources, an extremely unequal income distribution in the world, and conflict within specific countries. Last year, Embrace Relief provided over 1.5 million pounds of food to over 74,000 people worldwide as part of our international hunger relief program. This includes delivering 350 food packages to families in Greece, 700 in Yemen, 100 in Tanzania, and over 18,000 in the United States. This also includes Qurbani meat packages, which are packages that contain meat. Meat in turn contains protein, fat, minerals, and vitamins vital to fighting malnutrition in growing children, a key component of providing hunger relief.

More About Qurbani

Qurbani means sacrifice in Islam, and entails the humane, hygienic slaughtering of sheep, cattle, or goat in order to feed those who don’t have the means or the financial resources to acquire food. In fact, since refrigeration is a rarity in African countries, many people there salt, dry, and grind a Qurbani package’s meat into a powder-like substance they sprinkle into food and drinks. Oftentimes, this is their only source of protein they have access to and they make it last the entire year. Last year, Embrace Relief distributed Qurbani meat packages to over 17,000 families worldwide, including:

  • 4,320 food packages in Qurbani Uganda
  • 3,773 food packages in Qurbani the United States
  • 2,200 food packages in Qurbani Tanzania
  • 1,300 food packages in Qurbani Greece
  • 1,200 food packages in Qurbani Kenya
  • 1,200 food packages in Qurbani Nigeria
  • 1,200 food packages in Qurbani Mali
  • 907 food packages in Qurbani Yemen
  • 800 food packages in Qurbani Burkina Faso
  • 600 food packages in Qurbani Philippines


International Hunger Relief & Qurbani 2021


This year, Embrace Relief is raising its already extremely high international hunger relief bar even higher. So far, we’ve reached 30,000 people worldwide with our food donations and we plan on distributing Qurbani donations as well to thousands more in the following locations to help with international hunger relief:

  • The United States: 35+ million Americans were already struggling to put food on the table before COVID-19 and this number could rise to more than 50 million, including 17 million children.
  • Sub-Saharan Africa is still known to have the highest number of undernourished, with 22% of the population. This is expected to increase to 29.4% by 2030
  • Greece: 50,000+ refugees in Greece are forced into overcrowded refugee camps where they struggle to find food, causing malnutrition and the likelihood of disease.
  • Yemen: A deadly cholera outbreak, scores of attacks, and COVID-19 have resulted in 16.2 million people in Yemen currently being malnourished, the worst manmade humanitarian disaster in the world according to the UN.

Qurbani Meat Package Prices

Below are the prices of Qurbani share for each country. A single one feeds a whopping 8 families!

  • Where Most Needed: $110
  • Greece: $265
  • Africa: $110
  • United States: $240
  • Yemen $265

(Prices for each Qurbani package differ according to the costs of the country where it was sacrificed and are at minimum market price.)

Please Donate Today

Please consider donating today to help strengthen our food drive and continue to provide international relief to thousands more people in desperate need. Together, we will shine light through their dark times and bring them nutrition, happiness, and hope!