Supporting Higher Education in Pakistan

Affording quality higher education in Pakistan is difficult for many students since all the qualified and credible institutions are located in major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar with high tuitions and pricey living costs. There are bright students from low-income rural areas who are admitted into these universities in the big cities, but mostly their families cannot afford to support their education with their average monthly income of 15,000 Pakistani Rupee in rural areas (approximately $115). Even when these students are enrolled for the school, they cannot find affordable boarding because most of these institutions do not provide hostel facilities. So hopelessly they look for private hostels with high monthly rates. These students highly need financial support and a comfortable environment for their studies to be carried on. Two Pakistani charities, Shibli Trust and Vizdom Trust strive to provide a peaceful environment and financial support to these helpless students with boarding and scholarships. Their boarding package includes quality meals three times a day, silent study rooms, high-speed internet access, and monthly academic and recreational events.
In cooperation with these two associations, Embrace Relief volunteers from the Midwest Region are launching a new fundraiser to help Pakistani students in need with their school and boarding expenses and asking for your contribution to their project.