Yearlong Qurban & International Hunger Relief Campaign

According to the United Nations, over 820 million people are experiencing food insecurity right now. This number is expected to rapidly increase in lieu of COVID-19 pandemic, rising unemployment, financial and economic downfall, and political and civil unrest worldwide. 

Embrace Relief’s various International Hunger Relief Campaigns are designed to combat the international hunger crisis and help as many people as possible around the globe – but this cannot be done without your help.

You can send a meat package that has been humanely and hygienically sacrificed to a hungry family in Africa, Yemen, Greece, and the United States. Listed below are the prices of Qurban share for each country:

  • Africa: $ 175
  • Greece: $ 240
  • Yemen: $ 250
  • United States: $ 220

(Prices for each Qurban package differs according to the costs of the country where it was sacrificed and are at minimum market price.)

Meat and animal products are advised for our daily diet in order to grow properly because of the protein, minerals, and vitamins they contain. Furthermore, it is very common for beneficiaries to cut, dry, and salt the meat and grind it into a powder that can be mixed into meals and drinks. One meat package is distributed among 30-50 families (depending on the size of the animal) and can supply a family with meat-based protein for up to one year.

You can send a family a Qurban meat package today and them a sincere sense of hope and allow them to celebrate this important occasion along with millions of others across the world. Be their shining light through their dark times and feed a family today!

Click on the meat package below to donate your Qurban today: